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The More Cursed The Sign, The More Interesting The Backstory (17 Pics)

Signs are meant to inform. Whether they’re informing drivers of roadwork ahead or reminding drunken mini-mart patrons that a shirt and shoes are required for service.

But because they are designed and placed by reliably fallible humans sometimes those messages miss the mark and veer into more disturbing territory. Where it’s a vague message, unsettling phrasing, or ominous placement, some signs emanate a distinctly negative energy that does more to disturb than inform.

Fans of horror signage are in luck because a Twitter user named @Ryallin recently posted a Twitter thread rounding up a collection of such signs.

In the parlance of the internet, pictures that send a shiver up your spine are known as cursed images and we think these off-putting missives certainly qualify as cursed signs.

Don’t STOP when you see these signs…RUN

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1. Do I have to? Also…what??


This supremely weird sign was spotted outside the Eden Nature Park near Davao City in the Philippines. According to the photographer “There were no kids in sight, no houses, no schools. Creepy.” Davao City is also where the current President of the Philippines (or dictator of the Phillippines, according to your views) Rodrigo Duterte served as mayor for years.

2. You hope it’s a mistranslation


The Russian says “no exit here,” but in Russia you never know.

3. Sure, OK, that makes sense


Found in Omaha, Nebraska’s Jewell Park, this sign is a mystery. Locals report that the park is densely wooded, and also features a “car graveyard” along with what is apparently a thriving alien transportation hub and…who are we kidding? It was probably just nerds.

4. That makes one of us


This appears to be the work of eccentric millionaire and resident oddball artist of Amarillo, Texas Stanley Marsh 3. You can view some more of his work here.

5. Please be more specific…

You hope it’s something mundane like roadwork or falling boulders but any sign that begins with “BEWARE” will have people bracing themselves for trolls.

6. Love to enjoy a relaxing weekend in the woods sniffing the air every five minutes


This ominous sign was encountered by someone hiking in the woods of Michigan, presumably looking to get some fresh, non-poisonous air. While people quickly wondered if this suggested some secret government facility was nearby others reasoned that it was probably a nearby wastewater facility that necessitated this creepy warning.

7. OK this one may be photoshopped…


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8. This is when you just take the nearest exit no matter what

This ominous bit of road signage was apparently the work of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation using some brutal Boston honesty to warn commuters about upcoming construction on Commonwealth Avenue.

9. The street where irony comes to die


10. “HERE IT IS!” (The tree that eats people!)


According to the rubbernecker who posted the pic this sign was seen in Northern Oregon and “We drove VERY QUICKLY past it.”

Someone is clearly very proud of their many-limbed tree, to the point that they felt the need to announce it to passing tourists. Sadly most people won’t want to approach a tree that looks like the damn Demogorgon.

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11. This one seems ominous, but it’s actually kinda fun

Apparently in the Australian outback there’s a strip of road so long and boring the government put up signs to keep motorists’ minds occupied so they wouldn’t doze off.

The signs ask you a question…

via Bored Panda

And if you don’t nod off you get the answer (and to stay alive)

via Bored Panda

12. According to one disturbed motorist, this sign was “spotted a ways before some blocked off roads leading to an abandoned hospital complex…”


Context is everything. So is blood splatter.

13. Hope you can count under pressure


This sign is from Ryan Dam in Montana and is likely a warning that released water could flood the island.

14. I’m glad somebody’s keeping track of the numbers at Corpse Beach


In all seriousness Hanakapiai Beach, on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, is a very dangerous place, with sudden wave action that apparently regularly dashes people on the rocks leading to injuries and death.

Frankly this beach is a menace. Arrest this beach.

15. The person who captured this odd sign reports that he “saw this on a road trip down Rt. 66 and never got any context.”


The ones without any context are the ones that will break your heart/brain, but it’s likely another Stanley Marsh 3 original.

16. It’s always creepier when it rhymes


As far as we can tell this is an actual reminder about forest fire prevention posted in the primeval Caledonian Forest in Scotland. May it haunt the dreams of all those randy teens who would otherwise dare to smoke in the woods and accidentally burn them down forevermore.

17. This one may not be scary but it’s still a good warning…


Never to fire the guy who programs the signs before the end of the day

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