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“Increasingly Unsettling Eggs” Is A Truly Cursed Viral Quarantine Cooking Project

Some things cannot be unseen.

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Every crisis presents an opportunity. And since we currently find ourselves in an unprecedented crisis thanks to the never-ending ordeal that is the COVID-19 pandemic, theoretically we’re in a time of unprecedented opportunity.

I’m not talking about economic opportunity of course, far from it, but the opportunity for personal growth while stuck indoors. Some people are using their quarantines to get into the best shape of their lives by doing inmate-levels of pushups and crunches. Others are summoning their inner Wolfgang Puck and learning how to cook gourmet dinners or bake sourdough bread.

The vague goal is to eventually emerge from the haze of quarantine improved in some way, with new skills to offer the world, and not merely older and rounder.

One brave woman, however, is bucking the trend of quarantine self-improvement by instead cooking eggs in new and disturbing ways that are freaking everyone out.

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As she put it in her now-viral tweet:

“Many people have been using quarantine as a time to perfect their bread or coffee making skills, but I personally have been this as an opportunity to make increasingly unsettling eggs.” ~ Anna Hughes

“Unsettling” is the perfect word indeed, with many of Hughes’ frankeneggs causing observers to have a visceral reaction.

Anna Hughes

Some of these eggs provoke the question “HOW?”

But all of them provoke the question “WHY?”

Anna Hughes

Some horrified observers speculated that trick photography was involved in capturing the image (surely that’s a tiny pan!) while others suspected foul play (these may have been duck eggs or even ostrich!!).

The tweet inspired others to share pictures of the most disturbing eggs they’ve fried. None came close to matching Hughes’ but there were some noble efforts.

Like these haunted souls trapped in a teflon prison.

This boiled over hardboiled egg.

Or this lovely face to see first thing in the morning.

In the end some eggsperts disagreed that there was a problem with Hughes’ unnatural creations at all.

Incredible, edible, unsettling!

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