There’s A Hilarious Twitter Account Dedicated To Roasting Batman

As we know from film after film, Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents’ murder as a child and became Batman, dedicating his life to cleansing Gotham city of crime and evil in all its forms.

What we also know is that Batman is a huge nerd—a humorless billionaire loner who spends all his money on fancy gadgets and all his time stalking people and violently breaking the law. Caped Crusader? More like Creep Crusader!

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When you think about it, he also has no powers beyond his inherited wealth and comes off in person as either a total buzzkill or a complete jerk. There’s a lot to dislike about Batman and people have started to notice, to the point where a Twitter account called Batman Slander has been launched for the sole purpose of making fun of this Batmobile-driving douche canoe. Turns out dunking on a superhero is as funny as it sounds.

@BatmanSlander is the Batman-bashing hub we never knew we needed.

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Here are some gripes from @BatmanSlander on a variety of Batman’s glaring deficiencies. For example…

1. On his lack of superpowers:

2. On his lack of a phone:

3. On his dating skills:

4. On his arrogance:

5. On his elitism:

6. On his inability to fix his own gear:

7. On his excessive use of force:

8. On his questionable detective skills:

9. On his privilege:

10. On his costume:

11. On his embarrassing defeats:

12. On his questionable “parenting”:

13. On his rescue skills:

14. On his catch-and-release policy:

15. On his vulnerabilities:

16. On his probably being a Republican:

17. On his tax dodging:

18. On his glaring weaknesses:

19. On his all-around uselessness:

20. On his actually being a menace to society:

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