Foods You Didn’t Know Were Illegal

We all need food to survive, but what happens when our government won’t let us have certain items? From environmental reasons to health reasons to public enjoyment reasons, this article is full of culinary delights that have legislators shaking in their boots. Whether it’s a very smelly fruit or some maggot-filled cheese, our list contains some forbidden foods that are sure to shock you. We’ve compiled information from foodies across the globe to bring you these surprising, and often silly, laws. While some candies are staples for European children, their American counterparts don’t know that they exist. Likewise, many American foods are heavily regulated when they’re exported to other countries. Are you a picky eater? Then look no further, because in this article, we’ll tell you which fish you DON’T want to have in your sushi roll.



This king of fruits from south East Asia is infamous for it distinct and potent odor. With the similar odor of rotting flesh and gym socks, the durian fruit is a staple in many Asia dishes and cuisines. It is also widely banded in public areas. In Singapore for example, Durian is banned in all forms of public transportation. And in hotels in Thailand and Indonesia people are forbidden from bringing this smelly fruit inside.


Fugu Liver

If you’re not familiar with the puffer fish, its famous for filling its body with water to scare for it predators. Chefs in Japan spent 3 years training for a license to prepare this fish. Why? Because the puffer fish liver is highly toxic. If not removed properly, it can contaminate the entire dish. Fugu Liver was banned in Japan back in 1984. But it can now be served under super strict rules and regulations.



Chocolate Eggs

Kinder Surprise is a chocolate egg with a toy inside. It is one of the highest grossing candies in Europe. However most American children are unaware of its existence because it’s been banned in the U.S since the 1930s. While most people think the ban is due the choking hazard from the toys. The real reason is the candy violates an FDA regulation. Any food with a nonnutritive embedded inside is strictly forbidden.



Bottle Water

In an effort to stop pollution, the national park service banned the sale of bottle water on their properties in 2011. In 2013 Concord Massachusetts became the first community to bans bottle water on their community. While this ban has nothing to do with consumer health, it has everything to do with environmental health. In 2017 San Francisco became the first major city to join the battle.



Ketchup is a condiment staple, whether you eat it with fries or Mack and cheese. This is one condiment that is loved around the world, but not in France. While Ketchup itself is not illegal is has been kept out of school cafeteria since 2011. As part of a wider public health and education program, the French government decided to remove ketchup from its menus.